bdAEC - Acoustic Echo Canceller

In any hands-free communication system where a loudspeaker and a microphone are placed in the same room, acoustic echo is a problem. A talker at the far end of the link will hear an echo from the microphone picking up the voice reproduced by the loudspeaker.

Acoustic echo is an annoying effect and can cause communication to be difficult or impossible. To overcome this problem, acoustic echo cancellation is necessary. The goal is to completely cancel the echo signal while at the same time letting the desired speech signal be transmitted.


The Acoustic Echo Canceller Solution

The bdSound solution for Acoustic Echo Cancellation, bdAEC, is a robust and field-proven full-duplex algorithm that cancels echo in any hands-free communication. It is ready for multiple platforms and multiple operating systems, including:

Op. Sys.
Microsoft Windows
Apple OS-X
Linux for Embedded
iOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod)
Bare Metal (no O.S.)
x86 - IA32
x64 - IA64
ARM Cortex A
ARM Cortex M
Xilinx Zynq




Main features

  • Full duplex Acoustic Echo Canceller
  • Sample Frequency up to 48kHz (*)
  • Configurable Echo Tail length
  • Voice Activity Detector
  • Double Talk Detector
  • Convergence controller to garantee stability
  • Adaptive comfort noise
  • Adaptive residual echo canceller
  • Dynamic Range Controller
  • Automatic Gain Controller

Additional features on request:

  • Integration with Noise Reduction
  • Integration with Line Echo Canceller
  • Integration with Audio Device Management (complete manage of audio device peripherals)
  • Multichannel implementation

(*) May depend on the target platforms and operating systems.


Customization and Porting on different architectures and OSes

Customization for specific needs and implementation on different architectures (DSP and MCU) are possible under request. Feel free to contact us to let us find the best solutions for you.