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Reference designs

Learn more about our reference design and demo/trial libraries.

Reference design and demo/trial libraries

We believe that technology should be tested before to be adopted. That’s the reason why we have developed some hardware reference designs that resemble standard products. We provide direct integration of our technology on our reference designs.
A reference design is also a good first step toward a full-working new custom design.
For our software products, trial and demo libraries are available. Contact us for further information.

Supported Processors

ARM Cortex A family
ARM Cortex M family (M4 and M7)
ARM Cortex R family
Xilinx Zynq
Altera (Intel FPGA) SoC

Supported Operating Systems

Apple iOS
Microsoft Windows
Apple OSX
Bare Metal

Supported Platforms

Mobile (Android and iOS)

A complete SIP intercom station based on ARM Cortex M7, with top quality audio.

MSA - Full VoIP Intercom Station

  • Based on ARM Cortex M7
  • SIP compliant Client Endpoint
  • Integrated Audio Amplifier and line out for external amplifier
  • Dual MEMS microphone with beamforming and external electret
  • Small size (55X55mm)
  • Can be powered from POE or DC input

MSA is a full featured SIP intercom unit, with several inputs and outputs. Based on a cheap ARM Cortex M7 processor, this product is compact, flexible, full-featured and with amazing audio quality, thanks to bdSound’s Echo Canceller, Noise Reduction and Speech Processing.

Further reference design available

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