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A wide range of technologies, products and solutions for better audio and speech, with a prompt complete support.

Reduced time to market

Reduce your time to market embedding bdSound’s technologies and products: reliable, field-proven and easy to use

Demo and reference design

We have demo and trial versions of our software libraries as well as several reference design and evaluation board for our hardware products.

Full support provided

A comprehensive support in both electronics and electroacoustics design. From idea to design, prototyping and production startup.

Ready fo multiple O.S. and CPU

We support ARM architectures, x86/x64 and FPGA, mobile, embedded and desktop systems. Support for Linux, Android, Apple iOS, Microsoft Windows, Apple OSX, RTOS and Bare Metal.

Supported Processors

ARM Cortex A family
ARM Cortex M family (M4 and M7)
ARM Cortex R family
Xilinx Zynq and Ultrascale+
Altera (Intel FPGA) SoC

Supported Operating Systems

Apple iOS
Microsoft Windows
Apple OSX
Bare Metal

Supported Platforms

Mobile (Android and iOS)

S2C - A complete solution for Speech Quality Enhancement

Echo Cancellation and Speech Processing

Since from the beginning, bdSound has provided top-grade speech quality enhancement solutions to customers in several markets: videoconference, mobile, intercom, critical communications, hospitals, air traffic control, automotive, transportation.
bdSound’s Acoustic Echo Cancellation is a true full-duplex, full band, high quality, robust and reliable echo cancellation engine.
Combined with other processing blocks, bdSound’s solutions for Speech Quality Enhancement, set the reference in speech processing and help turns any communication’s application in a top-grade one.

Using multiple microphone to improve ASR performance, reject noise and reverb

Multiple microphones

Single microphone solution has been widely used in a lot of application and will be still used in the future. But with two or more microphone it is possible to significantly improve performance of any communication application, at home, in car, at office.
Automatic Speech Recognition, like Siri or Amazon Echo, may suffer from an excess of noise and reverberation. bdSound’s technology manage multiple microphones creating a set of virtual microphones that dinamically adapt their self to the room acoustics and background noise and reverberation.

Digital audio and data for legacy intercom systems upgrade

Two wires digital bus

In many legacy intercom installation, wires were walled, leading to a big work and cost when one wants to change intercom system.
bdSound 2WBD is a robust and reliable solution that can be used to carry audio and data on a single pair of wires, up to 500m, on a single bus, with digital audio quality. With support for wideband audio, broadcast mode for music and alert distribution, conference mode and up to four two-ways full-duplex concurrent calls, 2WBD is a flexible and easy to implement technology.
Finally, 2WBD is short circuit protected, can carry power supply and is polarity safe.

Clock skew and drift compensation

Fine clock skew control

bdSound has realized a robust solution that continuously tracks clock drift and compensate it, in order to get the best performance in any application, including those that use different devices for capture and render having slightly different clock rates.

The easiest way to add Echo Cancellation

ALSA plugin with AEC

An ALSA plugin that simply turns any ALSA device in a smart one, with embedded Full Duplex Acoustic Echo Canceller, Noise Reduction and Speech Processing.
This is the easiest way to add Speech Quality Enhancement to your system, without the need to rewriting lines of code for integration.

Ready to use SIP framework

VOIP/SIP technology

We have successfully integrated SIP standard stacks with our Speech Processing solutions, in order to provide you a complete turn-key solution for a VoIP enabled product.
The SIP has been integrated also on very small processors, like commonly available ARM Cortex M4 or ARM Cortex M7.

A choice for critical application

FPGA integration

bdSound has deep experience in FPGA development and integration. We have successfully integrated our technologies and solutions into programmable logic and mixed systems (ARM + Programmable Logic) for several tailor-made Critical Communications applications.
bdSound is a Xilinx Partner.

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