BdSound’s growth in the last 3 years was impressive, our team had almost doubled and we needed more space.

So, a few months ago we moved to a new much bigger office! The office is located in the middle of a business area, just outside Milan, which has its perks: getting to work is easier, with less traffic for people coming by car from outside the city, it’s walking distance from the underground station and the wonderful Naviglio Pavese (Navigli are how the artificial canals are called Lombardy).

The cycle lane following the Naviglio Pavese, a few meters from the office

Especially after two years of pandemic and remote working, the group deserved a bigger and more beautiful space where we could keep working together as we like to do: blending fun with work, creativity with experience, laughter with commitment.

Our office building from the outside

We are on the first floor of a modern and shiny building and we wanted vibrant indoors too.

Our reception area is where our visitors arrive. We welcome them in a warm and colorful space. Red comfy sofas were the right solution to furnish this space, reflecting our values of “Working while having fun, because we do what we love to do”. The team also spends some downtime there, just hanging out, playing our small red guitar or playing table football (named Calcio Balilla in Italy). This is the only moment when BdSound’s employees make a lot of noise instead of trying to suppress it 🤓.

Crowded area after lunch

We fell in love with our conference rooms: the glass that separates them from the other office space gives light and encourages creativity and collaboration.

Our main meeting rooms

Our floral meeting room

A dedicated play space, a view of trees and grass, a kitchen and a lunch room: we really wanted our team to feel happy coming to work even during the pandemic and to have good work breaks to reset and find new ideas.

And then there’s the core of our office, where the magic happens. We have two big open spaces for the integration and the innovation teams, to support collaboration and cross-contamination among teams.


Collaboration and cross contamination


The open spaces are so big they can even host some experiments, for example with 3D audio!

To complete that, there is a wonderful dedicated electronic lab. You can see a lot of wires, monitors, HW. We build entire systems for our clients, our expertise ranges from SW to HW in the voice and audio technology field. Our work is very hands-on. 

The electronic lab with all the necessary equipment: audio analyzers, soldering stations, 3D printer, and so on

Being a world-wide leading provider in the audio and voice market and an Amazon Alexa CPS service provider, we are very proud of our anechoic chamber and ETSI room, where we do all the testing and verification of our algorithms and we perform pre-certifications for our customer’s products.


The semi-anechoic chamber

The ETSI room with controlled acoustic environment

Thanks for joining our sneak peek tour of our new offices and you’re welcome to visit us in person in Milan! We love what we do and we love the atmosphere in BdSound. We’re a big group of passionate lifelong learners!

And of course there’s always some time for a happy hour

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