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Our Story

A journey in innovation

The foundation


Antonio and Fabio, two formers engineers at STMicroelectronics, start BdSound with the mission of developing innovative audio solutions



BdSound deploys its first Acoustic Echo Canceller and Noise Reduction library for PC- based videoconference and softphones, named bdSES, providing a robust solution against clock- drifts and abrupt echo path changes

Apple iOS and Android support


BdSound deploys the Speech Enhancement Suite for mobile, supporting Apple iOS and Android, to address the high demand of mobile solutions for videoconferencing

Intercom and mission-critical


BdSound enters in the intercom market and in the mission-critical application area, such as Air Traffic Control communications. Over few years from there, BdSound provides several intercom manufacturers with its lightweight and robust solution



BdSound unveils an innovative Echo Canceller and Noise Reduction (ECNR) for cars, leveraging on its experience on the other application areas, The solution will be the first Apple Carplay certified ECNR in the world.

Voice assistants


With the growth of human-machine voice interaction, BdSound developed its own processing solution as a front end for voice-operated system, improving the success rate even in very harsh environments

IoT in Home Appliances


BdSound starts to integrate its technology into Home Appliances such as ovens, kitchen robots and washing machines, enabling voice recognition even when running at top-speed noise

More than 45 cars


The automotive presence of BdSound has been significantly growing. As of 2019, BdSound has provided its technology to several car makers with more than 45 car models certified Apple Carplay, including some dream-sport cars.

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