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BdSound is a qualified Amazon Alexa Consulting & Professional Services (CPS) provider, offering a wide range of services, technologies and solutions to help you creating your next Alexa-based product.

A unique CPS partner

Just few companies can show such a long and proven track of projects, technologies and knowledge on audio and speech like BdSound. In addition to custom SW and FW development, OTA/FOTA, integration with IoT backend, custom hardware development and availability of ready-to-use HW modules, BdSound has deep knowledge of Audio and a rich family of proprietary technologies to support the development of any Alexa-based product.

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We are Audio expert

Audio and Speech are our DNA

Alexa is a cloud-based voice assistant; voice is the centric-feature of any voice assistant. We unleash the potential of any Alexa-device, in any environment, to reach the best performance in terms of quality of audio and speech interaction, both in near and far-field

Alexa CPS services details

Bringing Alexa within your product

Development of a voice strategy

Voice is not just a feature on-top of others: the right strategy makes the best products.

Specifications and platform selection

Start with the right pace and a precise specification document to select the best components to use in your product.

Electroacoustic design

A complete service of electroacoustics design, with the most advanced simulation and measurements tools, to provide your product with the best audio.

Hardware design and development

We will design the required hardware to have Alexa Voice Service running smoothly, taking care of all mechanicals constraints.

Software and Firmware design

Coding the firmware and the application that is required to run Alexa Voice Service and other features of your product.

Alexa SDK (client) integration

Integrating Alexa client into your product is a mandatory step we will take care of, with our experience on a multitude of platforms.

Acoustic Front End (AFE) processing

The most critical part completely under control: a robust set of technologies for speech processing, field-proven on several products on the market.

Skills, OTA and Companion App

Alexa skills development and integration, OTA solution and companion APP to finalize your product.

IoT core backend integration

Creating the appropriate IoT backend, to let Alexa Voice Service interacting with your (existing) ecosystem.


We will take care and drive your product throughout all the certifications required, thanks to our in house AQT LAB (Alexa Qualification Tool).

Prototyping and Go-To-Market

Final prototyping and pre-production to get your new Alexa Built-in product ready to go to the market!

BdSound experience with Alexa

Experience and competence. And a strong passion.

Alexa Auto and BdSound

Our technology for Lamborghini

BdSound provided its technology and services for the first car controlled by Amazon Alexa. Thanks to BdSound, Lamborghini Huracan Evo drivers and passengers can enjoy an effective and natural interaction with Alexa and a comfortable hands-free communication. Watch the video from Alexa Live 2020 for further information about how we did it.

The ALBA Robot experience

Helping people with Alexa

BdSound has provided a complete support in designing the ALBA wheelchair from ALBA Robot, the only italian company selected by the initiative Alexa Fund e Techstars, an innovative wheelchair aiming to change the way Passengers with Reduced Mobility (PRM) move around and enhance their independence in the everyday life. An exciting project embedding Alexa to help people, everyday.

BdSound Alexa AQT self-test lab
Testing Alexa built-in devices

Alexa AQT tests

To better support our customers, BdSound provides in-house equipment to perform tuning and pre-certification testing sessions based on Alexa Qualification Tool (AQT). A dedicated room is provided to fully comply with Amazon Alexa requirements.

Alexa Development Hardware Accelerator

Ready to go with BdSound

To reduce time-to-market, initial efforts and investments, BdSound has developed an application board family on which Alexa SDK has been successfully integrated and tested. Our ready-to-use solutions that are different from the other solutions you can find around. Not just evaluation kits from IC manufacturers but fully working products ready for production! Contact us for further information.

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