Work with voice,
voice at work,

BdSound provides high-quality audio and crystal clear communication, because brilliant ideas deserve to be conveyed at best. In any environment, from small offices to industrial facilities.

BdSound at Work

Intercoms in working places, on elevators, vending machines, on trains cars and at dispatching offices, on planes and at the ATC towers, hospitals, videoconference rooms, and other working environments, exploit the benefits of integrating BdSound speech quality enhancement technologies.


Intercom systems

Traditional analog or VoIP intercom systems with all the required speech processing for industrial, elevators, security and emergency and other harsh environments

Videoconfence and Videocollaboration systems

Several audio and video collaboration systems adopt BdSound technology for speech processing, transmissions, acquisition and reproduction

Voice assistant and Intercom for healthcare

Elders, hospital patients, nurses use BdSound technology, every day, for effective communications and voice assistance

Mission Critical Communications

(Trains, Airplanes/ATC, Maritime) Robust solutions for voice communication in Mission Critical environments, supporting several architectures, including FPGA.


Your reliable

Working environments are many, complex and sometimes harsh. Communications require crystal- clear audio for safety and comfort of operators. Our field-proven technology, together with our support in the product design, is the reason why many companies adopt bdSound solutions to ensure their products to work great in every situation.

Technologies and Services

From sketch to sound

Firmware and Software Development

Supporting several platforms (ARM Cortex M, ARM Cortex A, SHARC, FPGA) and operating systems, BdSound can provide complete SW/FW development support.

Speech Processing for Human to Human Communications

BdSound provides higher audio quality and better intelligibility thanks to acoustic and line echo canceller, noise reduction, beamforming and speech signal processing

Electroacoustic Design

Strong expertise on acoustics and electroacoustics at your service to select microphones and speakers, design enclosures, define placement and mounting.

Speech Processing for Human to Machine Communications

BdSound implements solutions such as noise reduction and beamforming to provide better Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR).

Electronic Design

Solid experience in design of complex devices and PCB, including integration of different technologies together to make custom final products.

VoIP custom SIP Stack

A light SIP stack to create VoIP devices, even based on small and cheap processor like ARM Cortex M, with the undisputed quality provided by the integrated BdSound speech processing


Like being face-to-face

Forget all the unpleasant conference you have done in the past. With BdSound technology improving speech quality, removing echo, noise, artifacts, shaping the voice to get a smooth sound, several conference systems deliver comfortable experience to users every day. We have such a deep knowledge of this application area that we can provide a complete design support, including hardware.

Success Story – Healthcare

Elders assistive device

Taking care of the safety of elders is the mission of one of the projects in which we have been involved since day zero. We shared our experience in schematic design support, software design, electroacoustics and provided the required speech processing to get clear and loud communications, plus voice commands recognition.

Success story – Mission Critical Application

Speech processing based on FPGA for ATC

When reliability, quality and safe operation is required, we can provide the right solution. Supporting several platforms, including FPGA, BdSound has been integrated within a complex ATC (air traffic control) systems installed in several airports worldwide.


A solution for every intercom system

BdSound has a long track of projects and integration of speech processing technologies to deal with echo and noise in intercom systems. Through a complete offer, including acoustic echo canceller, line echo canceller, noise reduction and SIP stack for VoIP intercoms, BdSound is a reference partner to develop intercom systems.