Milano (Italy) – August 2020, the 19th.

BdSound SRL, the innovative company based in Italy providing the automotive industries with some of the most advanced technologies for audio and speech processing, and Ubiquitous AI Corporationa leading software distributor, acting as a gateway to Japan for global software companies announces today a new strategic distribution agreement in Japan to provide the Automakers and Tier 1 with reliable and field-proven solution for voice communications and interaction in cars.  

Thanks to this new partnership, Ubiquitous AI Corporation and BdSound, will provide a more comprehensive, reactive and localized support to BdSound’s customers in Japan. 

“BdSound has an important business operation in Japan in the automotive industry. This new partnership will help us to provide even better support to our Japanese customers helping them during all the development, testing and production phases”, said Antonio Grosso CEO and co-founder of BdSound. “We really take care of our valuable automotive customers in Japan hence we selected a renowned company in the automotive industry to represent and distribute us”. 

“We are pleased to bring BdSound SRL technology and products to the Japanese automotive market through the Ubiquitous AI Corporation. The BdSound S2C-A enables high quality in-vehicle voice communication and are highly regarded by automobile manufacturers”, said Koji Inoue Deputy President of Ubiquitous AI Corporation. “We expect BdSound S2C-A to be essential for Japanese cars in the future.”


About BdSound 

BdSound is an innovative company founded in 2009 in Milan (Italy), with global customers on more that 25 countries, providing cutting-edge proprietary technologies and high-quality consulting services to companies. Serving several Tier-1, BdSound has empowered a wide number of car models, including some supersport dream cars. For further information please visit: 


About Ubiquitous AI Corporation

Ubiquitous AI Corporation, a solutions vendor, provides marketing, development and engineering services focused on the engineering of software for embedded systems, communications and networks. Ubiquitous AI Corporation is also has been at the forefront of technological advancement with its Small, Fast and Light ethos. Every year millions of new devices containing Ubiquitous AI Corporation’s software are sold worldwide. For further information please visit:

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