Salone Internazionale del Mobile (Milan International Furniture Fair) was held last week in Milan, Italy.  Initially focused on just Italian furniture it’s now one of the most important exhibition of the latest in furniture and design from several countries around the world.

This year bdSound was present with an important collaboration with Febal Casa, one of the leading vendor for kitchens, sofas, and home furniture in general. Kitchen Garden Revolution is the revolutionary project where bdSound added its expertise and technology to the beautiful design and innovative system invented by Febal. It’s a patented solution to create an auto-sufficient garden in your indoor kitchen. You can grow fruits and vegetables without the need of the natural sun light. It’s all thought to be integrated in the kitchen cabinets and drawers giving the sensation of a natural ecosystem, of an homemade garden part of the family life even in busy and polluted cities. And on top of this Febal, as many other Italian vendors, is famous all over the world for their beautiful and modern design.

This innovative concept requires an advanced technology behind to let the system work smoothly and correctly, not only in terms of irrigation system and lighting itself but also in terms of control and monitoring. bdSound contributed to the realization of the app which controls the lights, the irrigation and the integration of the data coming from the sensors (temperature and humidity). Thanks to the app the system can be even controlled with vocal commands. This is just the starting point of a fruitful collaboration to help the IoT market grow quickly and in the right direction offering customers useful products to enhance their experience in the house. We loved to work with Febal, a leader and innovator in the market. The best is yet to come and we’ll keep you posted!