There are no better words we can quote from this PCMag review of Aloe Care Health system than: “Audio quality is superb”.

The success of our customers is our reward and driving force: we love being involved in the most challenging and innovative products where audio quality is a central feature.

BdSound has assisted Aloe Care in the audio design, with a specific focus on the microphone array, and provided its proprietary technology suite, named S2C, for audio and speech processing.

When Aloe Care reached out to us to start working together on the device, we immediately felt the vibe of its ideators: making the best medical alert system. We worked hard and smoothly with the great Aloe Care engineering team to deliver the best audio experience and meet the high expectation of the users” says Fabio Cagnetti, COO and co-founder of BdSound.

BdSound has been a terrific partner for us in every respect,” said Lasse Hamre, Aloe Care CTO and Co-founder. “Our goal from day one was to deliver a superior audio experience for older adults, and our consistent feedback from consumers and tech reviewers is that we’ve done just that. Powerful microphones and exceptional sound clarity are vital differentiators for Aloe Care, thanks in large part to the experts at BdSound.”

We wish to thank Aloe Care for the wonderful cooperation we had during the development and give them again our praise for the amazing product they invented.

Ray and Evan at Aloe Care and Fabio at BdSound after a great meeting during CES-2020

From left: Evan (Aloe Care), Fabio (BdSound) and and Ray (Aloe Care) after a great meeting during CES-2020.