BdSound has grown a lot in the last years. We are now a team of more than 30 engineers dedicated to develop innovative solutions to customers, from the first idea to prototyping. In fact, we not only help to write the specifications and define the various design phases but we also plan the prototyping and evaluation of the new product at the end of the process.

Our company can help realizing a complete solution thanks to our wide expertise. Since we have been working in the audio field for a decade, our electroacoustic design skills are exceptional. We have our own proprietary speech processing technology for speech and audio processing so we can tune it as needed and integrate it in a product enhancing the quality of the system’s output. We called our technology Simply Sounds Clear because this is what it does: it cleans the audio signal offering a supreme user experience in different scenarios. Our solution is very flexible and can be adapted and tailored for every application and specific needs of the customer.

We can also develop customized SW, and design a custom PCB application. If needed, we can also help during the production ramp-up phase.

We do a lot! Customers can count on us as a reliable and always available partner when they have to realize a new product based on audio and voice. We are even an Alexa CPS (Consulting and Professional Services) provider thanks to our deep expertise in Voice Assistants systems and applications.

But we don’t concentrate just on services and products. We firmly believe in building an expertise and knowledge that could anticipate trends and be strong in the long term too. That’s why we are very proud of our Innovation Team.

Even if we’re busy on projects having a large number of customers, we have a dedicated group of engineers and PhDs who work on very advanced technologies that will shape the future of speech processing and noise reduction algorithms. Our Innovation Team also have very active collaborations with local universities, especially Polytechnic of Milan and University of Pavia, that are among the top research Institutes in Italy focused on advanced technologies in the audio field.

BdSound’s CEO Antonio Grosso has a clear vision:

A relatively small company like ours can’t forget to work on innovative technologies. The market evolves quickly and you should be ready for the next generation products in a blink of an eye. We’ll keep investing in research and in experimenting innovative scenarios to let our technology be not only up-to-date but always as cutting-edge as it is now.

Antonio Grosso, CEO of BdSound


The communication between the Developing Team and the Innovation Team is very frequent. Feedback from customers ignite new ideas, the knowledge of the market helps to understand which direction to take in the research.

And this is the goal of our Innovation Team Day, when the Innovation Team presents to the rest of the company its latest work and results showcasing demos and presentations. Thanks to this event everybody is updated on what’s new at BdSound. The last one was few weeks ago and was very insightful. The hot technologies presented were the Microphone Bubbles (a demo of it was presented last month at Electronica 2022) and new noise reduction techniques.


This year has been very productive for the Innovation Team. Besides the wonderful demo on source separation, we developed another one, very interesting, because it forecasts what we’ll soon see in the market: smart devices able to hear their surrounding and adapt their volume accordingly. We can’t reveal more about it, but it will be a groundbreaking technology for the next-generation devices. Many challenges await us in 2023, and we are excited to embrace them. We can anticipate that we will keep innovating our technology especially for automotive applications.

Michele Buccoli, Senior Innovation Scientist at BdSound



BdSound is more a partner than a provider during the exploitation of complex projects. It is present throughout the whole project, from the brainstorming phase to the prototyping and final release of the product. It leverages its outstanding team of engineers, goal-oriented and with great attention to detail.

Our job is to create, with passion.


Photo by “My Life Through A Lens” on Unsplash