Milan (Italy), November 2nd, 2023

New Benchmark for Voice In-Car Experience – BdSound introduces the new Microphone Bubbles Feature

After the wide success of Simply Sounds Clear in the automotive market and successful collaborations with 15 world-renowned OEMs, BdSound challenged its own leadership position in the automotive audio field.

Introducing the latest upgrade in their flagship solution: the Microphone Bubbles feature. This innovative technology creates a virtual bubble around each car seat to capture only the voice of the respective passenger. This enables unmistakable communication for hands-free calls and interactions with voice assistants even in the noisiest cars. Achieving this level of performance is now possible with just a single omnidirectional microphone per seat.

The Microphone Bubbles feature is the step ahead for unparalleled passenger comfort. By isolating passengers’ voices from the car’s acoustic environment, conversations become effortless, and callers enjoy a face-to-face-like experience regardless of ambient noise levels. Furthermore, it enables advanced interactions with voice assistants. The car is now able to detect the seat from which the voice commands come so that it can respond accordingly. Passengers can issue specific commands directly to their seats without the risk of voice assistant misunderstandings, even during multiple simultaneous interactions.

Antonio Grosso, CEO of BdSound, shared his enthusiasm for Microphone Bubbles, remarking, «Our goal was to surpass our own standards and develop a solution that redefines the in-car voice user experience. We are confident that we have set a new benchmark in the automotive audio industry.»

With Microphone Bubbles integrated into Simply Sounds Clear, audio quality reaches previously unattainable heights. Call quality remains impeccable even in the noisiest conditions with a low Signal-to-Noise ratio (as depicted in Figure 1). Furthermore, during interactions, the Word Error Rate (WER) sees a significant reduction, ensuring precise interpretation of user commands by voice assistants, even during simultaneous interactions (as depicted in Figure 2).

Figure 1

Figure 2

Microphone Bubbles, as an integral part of Simply Sounds Clear, offer a fully customizable solution adaptable to any car model. Leveraging the expertise in electroacoustic design and integration, BdSound provides a tailored service that covers every aspect of product development, from the initial stages to the release of ITU certifications.

«The Microphone Bubbles feature is the result of a journey filled with challenges and years of dedicated research.» explained Francesco Zocchi, Lead of the Automotive Business Unit at BdSound. «Our 14 years of experience in speech processing, combined with the integration of the latest advancements in Machine Learning, enabled us to achieve this outstanding performance while maintaining a basic microphone setup.»

Microphone Bubbles technology is a significant step towards the future of automotive audio set to create independent acoustic zones within cars and allow every passenger to enjoy their individual multimedia experiences without disturbing others.

For more details about Simply Sounds Clear and Microphone Bubbles, please visit BdSound’s website.

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BdSound, headquartered in Assago, Italy, and bolstered by a subsidiary office in Shanghai, China, is a leading provider in the audio and voice technology field offering scenario and architectural analysis, technical support, proprietary technology, and experience since 2009. Its mission is to enhance communication and voice interaction at home, at work and in cars. Simply Sounds Clear is its suite of proprietary technology and the core of its offer that helps customers create the best voice-enabled products. BdSound is trusted by several Tier-1 companies that believe in top-quality Human-to-Human and Human-to-Machine interactions. BdSound continues to invest in research and innovation to maintain its edge in providing the best products to its users.

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