BdSound's hackathon

Join BdSound’s first hackathon: back to the audio signal

The hackathon event is postponed until Fall 2022 We are sorry for any inconvenience. We’ll keep in touch with those already registered. Stay tuned for more information

What is it?

We invite developers, engineers, hackers and audio passionates to join us in our office and create something new and unexpected.

Audio and speech have become more central in past years, with astonishing innovation in the fields of voice assistants, automotive infotainment and speech enhancement for video calls.

Let’s see what you can create in a limited time!

Who are you?

We welcome anyone who can create a hack about audio. Hardware, software, firmware, electronics engineers or computer scientists, audio designers, students or professionals.

What is the hack about?

Anything related to audio, speech signals or voice. We mainly work in the automotive, IoT and videoconference fields, but you don’t, so feel free to let your imagination run. The only limitation is time!

When and where?

The hackathon will take place during a weekend in Fall 2022, Friday evening and Saturday, in our office in Assago, Milan, at walking distance from Assago Forum MM2 station. Stay tuned for the dates!

Intellectual property

You will keep the intellectual property of what you will generate during the hackathon. It’s your idea and your code.

We are Audio experts

Audio and Speech are our DNA

By joining the BdSound hackathon, you will get the opportunity to challenge yourself in a real-world scenario. You will see how a small Italian company with big international customers operates.

We will offer you a space to work in, food, drinks and our mentorship – if you need it – to help bringing your idea into a functioning prototype that you will show at the end of the event.

A temptative timeline

The hackathon, step by step

Friday, 5PM

Welcome to BdSound

We welcome you in our office, offer you something to drink. We will check the green pass as per current legislation.

Friday, 6PM

Founders welcome

The founders welcome everybody and explain the rules of the hackathon.

Friday, 6:30 PM

Pitching ideas and making teams

This is the moment you can pitch your idea and get people join you and work on it; or you can pitch yourself and tell everybody what you can do. It’s time to create the teams.

Friday, 9PM

Night break

BdSound’s office closes. You have your team, you have the idea, we will get back the next day to start working.

Saturday, 8AM

Back to BdSound

From 8AM you can start coming back to the office to work with your teammates. Breakfast is offered by BdSound, of course.

Saturday, 9AM

Working on your hack

You work on your ideas, and you can ask for help or advice from our audio experts. Fruit, snacks and drinks are available to feed your thoughts.

Saturday, 12-2PM

Lunch time

You need some food to recharge. Pizza, sandwiches and snacks will be available in our lunch rooms. If you prefer, you can enjoy the lawn just outside the office.

Saturday, 4PM

Submit your project!

Finish line. You submit your solution and get ready to present it in front of everybody.

Saturday, 4:30 PM


Time for presenting your hack, no matter how rough it is. Make it catchy, be proud and show us what you did.

Saturday, 6:30 PM

Awards and final remarks

The best solutions – according to our personal taste – are chosen and awarded with the prizes. Then we can all go home, or have a beer nearby.

A couple of ideas

In case you are looking for inspiration


Technology for automotive

People pass a lot of time in the car and carmakers are pushing to make audio services more entertaining and engaging. Do you have any idea in this direction? Maybe the sounds of the car (e.g., turning signals sound) should be in tune with the music you are listening to. Or you can create an Alexa skill especially useful for cars. Have a look on what we did with just two microphones and two voice recognition systems.


Making smart things even smarter

Voice assistants are everywhere and BdSound helps companies put voice assistants in their products, regardless on their size. On the right, an example is the Vimar’s flush mounting vocal control. What can you do to help new objects get smarter? Maybe a sound sensor that can hear the sound your dish washer makes when it is finished and sends you a notification?

The Vimar prototype in a room with carpet floor, acoustic panels on the walls and several loudspakers during a test session
Follow your ideas

Or something else

You don’t have to stick with what BdSound does, but can use our facilities or hardware anytime during the hackathon. Do you want to try something with real microphone arrays? Do you need to perform experiments in our anechoic chamber? Would you like to test some boards for some tiny machine learning model? Feel free to ask and someone will help you.

Work in progress


The hackers developing the best projects – according to our personal taste – will be awarded with some prizes. We are currently selecting the best audio gear for audio people. Stay tuned!


Apply for the BdSound's hackathon

Use the form to apply for the hackathon. We can only accommodate a limited number of people, so make sure to apply to be there. We will send you an email once the date of the event will be set.

Have you applied, or are you going to apply, for a position at BdSound? This may be the perfect chance to show us your skills and attitude.

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