[I23-01] Senior Electroacoustics Engineer

We are always looking for talented engineers, keen on working within a vibrant and fast changing technological environment, passionate about audio and really motivated in contributing to innovative products with our partners.

Company background

At BdSound we imagine, design and realize the most advanced technologies for real-life audio and speech applications.

Renowned for technical excellence in Audio and Speech processing solutions and the quality of its professional services, BdSound is a young and leading tech-based company with global operations, based in Milan. Our engineers are driven by a passion to deliver results, offering unique solutions to address the always-evolving challenges that the technology around audio and speech presents. BdSound solutions are used every day by millions of end-user all around the world, in car, at home, at work.

We are always looking for talented engineers, keen on working within a vibrant and fast changing technological environment, passionate about audio and really motivated in contributing to innovative products with our partners.

Role details

We are seeking a highly motivated Senior Electroacoustic Engineer, with solid background studies, and preferably a Ph.D., to guide the project as a a technical leader and mentor young and brilliant resources. The suitable candidate will be like a post-doc following a 3-year innovative project.

You will be involved in several projects, including a very challenging one where you will develop the next generation of sound radiators based on an innovative technology. The main focus is to understand the physical principles of this new technology, modeling it, find and apply innovative solution to improve both the objective and the perceived audio quality and their use in the consumer and automotive market. Your job, requiring creativity and an open-mind approach, will involve several disciplines such as mechanics, acoustics, psychoacoustics, electronics and signal processing.

Beyond the project, you will be involved in technically challenging projects on some of the most advanced applications in audio and speech processing worldwide, working alongside with experts that will work with you.

This role will suit you if you are passionate in technology and have a particular interest in Audio Engineering, Acoustics and Electroacoustics. As a Senior Electroacoustic Engineer you will responsible for managing and developing innovative loudspeakers solutions for several applications.

Key duties and responsibilities

  • Be one of the technical reference person for projects involving electroacoustic activities
  • Make technical decisions and technical project management
  • Provide support in the design of microphones’ and loudspeakers’ systems for embedded applications
  • Provide high-level design or management for different stages of a project, such as: design validation, FEM simulation of designed electroacoustic systems, mechanical design of electroacoustic systems
  • Work with other professionals in project teams, to achieve the best results possible
  • Proactively collaborate with both hardware design and software design teams during product design and bring-up
  • Cooperate and supervise to create and maintain comprehensive project documentation

Your skills

  • Having a strong preparation in acoustics and electroacoustic engineering

  • Ph.D. or M.Sc. in computer science or engineering or in electronics (and similar) engineering if there is a proven expertise in acoustics and electroacoustics. Also Physics degree, with a strong interest in practical topics related to audio and acoustics, well suits this position.

  • Fluent in English

  • Being passionate in technology with a special interest in Audio Engineering

Even better if

  • Proficient with Matlab and/or Python
  • Knowledge of C and C++
  • Being able to understand electronic schematics
  • Knowledge of simulation and design tools for electroacoustic
  • Expertise in vibration analysis

Why working with us

Your benefits

  • You will have the opportunity to work with several companies including the giants of technology
  • You will work with customers directly: no long hierarchy will hide you
  • We are not a startup but we move like a startup: fast and reactive. If you love challenges this is the right place for you.
  • At BdSound you will have the opportunity to face the challenge to create innovation, not only use it
  • No dress code, young team, easy place. Just enjoy your job and do it at the best
Our culture

More about BdSound

We are a team and you shall be willing to work in team, seriously. We love to cooperate, share and improve ourselves. We have no secrets here and everyone is asked to contribute to the growth of the team and the company.

We are committed to create an inclusive workplace and does not discriminate against race, national origin, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, age and other legally protected status.

Help us to make our company the best place to work.

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