Intercom & IoT

Smart solutions for better communications.

Echo Canceller and Noise Reduction

Field-proven, full duplex, up to 48kHz complete solution for any communication application, removing echo and noise without artifacts.

Solution to improve ASR Speech Recognition performance

Through bdSound microphone array technology and high quality processing, hot words and speech recognition success rate is improved. The best solution for smart devices.

Reference Design for a SIP Intercom on a Cortex M4/M7

Using a single ARM Cortex M4 or M7 processor, it is possible to integrate top-quality AEC and Noise Reduction, a full SIP client. A reference design and demo board are available.

Acoustic and Electroacoustic Design Support

A good design starts from the beginning: the electroacoustics design has a strong impact on speech processing algorithms effectivness. We provide complete electroacoustics and acoustics design support to take the first step in the right direction.

A full featured SIP intercom, with stunning audio quality and lots of features. Ready in a while.

MSA: more than a simple SIP intercom

MSA is more than a SIP intercom unit with a stunning full-duplex wideband audio quality, based on ARM Cortex M7. It is a small (55x55mm) PCB with lots of features, fully programmable through a GUI and POE enabled. It embeds a stereo 2x3W audio amplifier and two MEMS microphones, even though it is possible to connect an external amplifier and an external microphone. It has a relay on board, programmable outputs and a multilevel input. It can store prerecorded audio that can be played through a remote command. And many other features…

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More than a SIP intercom unit

MSA the SIP intercom

A 55x55mm full-featured SIP intercom unit with an amazing audio quality, ready to embedded within your products.

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High performance SIP communication device

MSA+ family

A compact solution for SIP communication, with infinite expansion possibilities thanks to its modular approach.

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A full featured SIP communication device, small and powerfull, with infinite expansion possibilities

MSA+ A full featured SIP intercom

Based on a single ARM® Cortex® A7, running Linux as operating system, MSA+ is a complete hardware and software solution for an Intercom and Communication Device.

MSA+ has been designed with a modular approachstacking different boards it’s possible to create a custom solution with almost infinite possibilities and features. The MSA+ includes embedded web-gui and the proprietary audio and speech processing, together with echo canceller and noise reduction.

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Our technology is used in different critical and harsh environments, like hospitals.

Robust technologies for Healthcare Intercoms

Hospitals requires clear and reliable communication systems to ensure safety for their patients and efficiency of medical staff. bdSound technology is successfully used in healthcare applications, hospital intercom devices, to enhance quality of hands-free communication between patients, nurses and doctors. Clear audio also with far and weak talker ensure robust communications and safe operations.

Clear and loud also from far and weak talkers


Where reliability is a must

Air, train and maritime communications

Thanks to the expertize in the FPGA field, bdSound solutions are used in Air Traffic Control, Train and Maritime Transportation and other Critical Communications areas

FPGA based communications

There are applications were reliability is a must. These include, for example, any transportation application, like trains, maritime and air. Thanks to the robust solutions combined to the support of several processors, including FPGA, bdSound has been chosen for Air Traffic Control, satellite communications on airplanes, naval and train communication systems.

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Top grade Echo Canceller and Noise Reduction

A trusted, field-proven and robust 32kHz wideband integrated solution, that efficiently removes echo and noise without artifacts, improves quality of speech signals and exhibits superior quality.

Wide support for processors and OSes

Our technology supports ARM Cortex A, ARM Cortex M4/M7, x86/x86 and FPGA; it supports Linux, Android, iOS, Windows, OS-X and bare metal.

Ready to use VoIP/SIP solutions with superior audio quality

We have integrated our audio processing technology with standard SIP protocol on several processors and OSes (including ARM Cortex M4), resulting in a ready-to-use SIP client solutions.

Mobile and Desktop extensions natively supported

bdSound’s technology supports also mobile platforms (iOS and Android) and Desktop (Windows, Linux, OS-X) so you can have the same great audio quality on all the platforms of your communication system.

Stunning superior true full-duplex quality

Natural and comfortable communication with a true full-duplex and wideband solution, experiencing an indisputed quality in communication, comparable to face-to-face talking.

Advanced clock skew control and drift control

A unique solution to manage audio devices in different operating systems, with tight control of clock skew, for a stable and reliable quality.

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