Next generation professional and consumer Audio

Pioneer in complex audio system design

Modern audio applications for professional audio market, high-end consumer appliances and video collaboration systems demand hundred of channels to be managed from different clock domains and with different formats and standards. bdSound pioneered in managing such complex applications, through proprietary IPs, expertize with FPGA, SoC and MPSoC, and tailored hardware and electroacoustic support.

A complete offer for next-gen audio products

IPs and Technologies

  • Routing and mixing audio signals
  • FIR/IIR filter
  • Equalizers
  • Acoustic Echo Canceller
  • Noise Reduction
  • SIP Stack
  • ASRC with 146dB of DR
  • Beamforming
  • etc.


  • Product specifications
  • Electronic Design Support
  • Electroacoustic Design Support
  • Prototyping
  • Support up to production ramp-up

Complete offer of IPs and technologies for audio

A rich offer of proprietary IPs and Technologies to acquire, reproduce, route, mix, format-convert and process audio signals,  

SIP Stack for VoIP application integration

RFC3160 compliant SIP stack to be integrated within different hardware platforms, even on ARM® Cortex® M microprocessors.

Design support from hardware to software

bdSound provides complete product design support, from technical specifications definition to production ramp-up support.

Top grade Echo Canceller and Noise Reduction

Proprietary, field-proven and robust full audio band AEC and NR, removes echo and noise without artifacts, improves quality of speech signals and exhibits superior quality.

Pioneer in FPGA for audio applications

bdSound widely use FPGA to design modern and flexible audio products since from several years ago, leveraging on the undisputed quality of proprietary IPs.

Interfacing with different formats and clock domains

bdSound IPs set include several consumer and pro-audio protocols interface and a special IPs to syncronize several clock domains with no loss in quality.

Complete set of field-proven IPs and Technologies for audio applications.

IPs and Technologies for Audio

A rich offer of IPs to acquire, reproduce, route, mix, format-convert and process audio signals. bdSound can shorten time-to-market of complex audio products with top quality and field-proven technologies for several hardware platforms. Our offer includes:

  • Audio protocols and interfaces: I2S, TDM, PDM, PCM, AES10 (MADI), AES3 (AES/EBU), USB Audio, Dante, etc.
  • Audio processing: filter (IIR/FIR/Equalizers/etc.); dynamic processing; delay; routing; mixing; etc.
  • Speech processing:  Proprietary Acoustic Echo Canceller, Noise Reduction, Beamforming, Speech Quality Enhancement;
  • SIP Stack: RFC3261 compliant SIP Client User Agent and support for easy integration with common SIP stack like PJSIP
  • Sample Rate Converter: Synchronous and Asynchronous Multichannel Sample Rate Converter IPs up to 146dB of Dynamic Range.
Exploit the powerfull of FPGA/SoC based audio architecture and bdSound experience to develop flexible products with infinite possibilities

Precursor on Audio with FPGA and SoC

bdSound was pioneer in introducing FPGA on professional audio applications. Over the years a full set of IPs and architecture has been developed and available to customers.

A flexible solution that includes a wide set of IPs for interfacing, processing, acquiring, reproducing, routing and mixing audio signals. bdSound’s proaudio architecture boosts the development of innovative products.

Thanks to the fast interface it is possible to combine the benefits of programmable logic and powerfull processors like ARM® Cortex® A in SoC and MCSoC like Xilinx® Zynq® and Ultrascale+®.

bdSound is a Xilinx partner.

bdSound can support your product development from the idea to the manufacturing

From scratch to the final product

Our experienced team provides complete product design support, from technical specifications definition to production ramp-up support, throughout any phase of the product development.

A comprehensive support include hardware and software design, integration, customization. A rich set of IPs and technologies completes the offer to shorten product time-to-market.

We also provide electroacoustic design support for testing and measurements in our anechoic chamber.

S2C - A complete solution for Speech Quality Enhancement

Echo Cancellation and Speech Processing

Since the beginning of its story, bdSound has provided top-grade speech quality enhancement solutions to customers in several markets. One of the globally recognized IP is the bdSound’s proprietary Acoustic Echo Canceller.

A true full-duplex, full band, high quality, robust and reliable echo cancellation processing. As a part of a more global speech quality enhancement solution, Noise Reduction, Speech Processing, Dynamic Control, and more, are included.

bdSound’s AEC set the reference in speech processing and help turning any communication application into a top-grade one.

S2C - A complete solution for Speech Quality Enhancement

VoIP SIP Integrated Client

Integrating communication channels, both VoIP and traditional phone line, is straighforward.

bdSound can provide a fully compliant SIP client on several platforms, from ARM Cortex A even down to ARM Cortex M, with limited features. bdSound also support integration with widely used SIP stack like PjSip.

And, of course, all the solutions include the proprietary Acoustic Echo Canceller, the optional Line Echo Canceller – if required -, noise reduction and all the speech enhancement tools for perfect hands-free calls in any environment, even the most noisy and reverberant.

Smart clock management, drift control and asynchronous sample rate converters to manage different clock domains with no hassle

Easily manage different clock domains

Modern audio applications involve hundreds, even thousands, of audio channels, from different sources at different rates under different clock domains.

Relying on bdSound’s configurable (performance/channels/rates) Asynchronous Sample Rate Converter up to 146dB of Dynamic Range and on specific technologies, managing several clock domains in the same product, with no loss in quality, is easy.

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