We give you the toys: let’s play

Whether you are a fresh graduate or a senior professional, if you’re eager to create innovative audio technologies and you wish to work with for best Companies worldwide, BdSound is the winning choice

Create the innovation

 We move fast like a startup, caring for our customers who have chosen us for their products.
At BdSound you will have the opportunity to face the challenge to create the innovation, not only use it.

Research and Development

We do both. We invest seriously on research and development teams to create new products and cutting-edge technologies.

Chosen by the best

We are a B2B company, so you may not have heard about us, but you certainly know many of our customers and, without being aware, you are already using our technology

Driving the innovation

BdSound creates the most advanced technologies and products for several renowned company: from car to home appliances manufacturers

Passion and dedication

Most of our team folks loved to play with audio and music long before joining us. They are still loving in it (and new loves are born)

The perfect candidate

Who you are

  • We hire carefully and then we value every single person.
  • We look for passionate people. The right way to do great things is to love doing great things.
  • We look for smart people. People who make mistakes, find them, fix them and get better.
  • We look for curious people. We love to learn new things, and you?
  • We look for people willing to work in a team. Hey! Seriously: at BdSound, working in team, is really important. At BdSound nobody, not even the founders, works alone.

Your next team

Life at BdSound

Dress as it suits you

Whatever covers your body is proper clothes to us. We like you both in shirt and in shorts.

Run before you can walk

In one year at BdSound you will learn more than you may think it is possible to and you can’t learn elsewhere.

Trust instead of badge

We don’t check you; we trust in your responsibility. Everyday, your team-mate rely on you.

Personal touch

Our most important asset are our folks. We do everything to make them happy at work, Maybe random croissants for breakfast?

What you will do

Work 😉

Are you a software guy? At BdSound you will write optimized code and deploy it on several products to make them listen and speak. Dreaming about design loudspeaker systems? Don’t worry: some 3D printers is waiting to let you play. Fallen in love with hardware? You will design complex PCBs that will be used by real people. Be sure: there are lots of stuffs you can do at BdSound.

Working in Milan

Life in Milan

If you are looking for an experience abroad or in another city, consider to add BdSound on your resume while enjoying one of the most interesting European cities. Milan is the perfect mix of tradition and innovation, with a vibrant cultural life, with tons of plays, concerts and events. It combines the opportunities of a big city with the efficiency of a small town. Moreover: it’s in Italy.
It is connected by train with the wonderful Italian towns and by plane with the main cities worldwide.

Open positions

Check our current open positions and apply for one of them. If you wish to work with us but there is no open position, don’t worry: send your application and we will be happy to evaluate it

Junior embedded software engineer

At BdSound we imagine, design and realize the most advanced technologies for audio and speech processing.

We are seeking a highly motivated Junior Engineer, in Electronics or Computer Science, with solid background studies, even without working experience, to join our Design team based in the Assago (MI) office. You will be involved in technically challenging projects on some of the most advanced applications in audio and speech processing worldwide, working alongside with experts that will mentor and guide you.
This role will suit you if you are passionate in technology and have a particular interest in Audio Engineering, Embedded Electronics and programming embedded systems.

Key duties and responsibilities include:
– Develop embedded systems or applications for embedded systems for audio and speech processing in the Automotive, Consumer and Video-collaboration markets
– Work with other professionals in project teams, to achieve the best results possible

Skills, Qualifications, and Experience:
– Laurea degree in Electronic Engineer, Computer Engineering, Telecommunication Engineering or similar
– Experience or knowledge of C, C++, and other programming languages
– Experience or knowledge of Linux and Linux for embedded systems
– Availability of travelling worldwide
– Analytical and problem-solving skills
– Good knowledge of English, both written and oral

Your benefits at BdSound will include:
• Deepen your expertise in a dynamic and young work environment
• Innovative and collaborative multidisciplinary projects
• On the job training, mentoring and coaching
• Global projects and travel opportunities

Renowned for technical excellence in Audio and Speech processing solutions, BdSound is a young and leading tech-based company with global operations, based in Milan. Our engineers are driven by a passion to deliver results, offering unique solutions to address the always evolving challenges that the technology around audio and speech faces to engineers. BdSound solutions are used every day by millions of end-users all around the world, in car, at home, at work.

All qualified applicants are encouraged to apply for this role

Apply now

Don’t be shy: send your application for any of the open positions or your spontenous application, with a concise resume using this form. Don’t forget to tell us what you would love to do: the more you love what you do, the more we love what you will do.

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