Download our SIP client and AEC demo for STM32F7!

In the previous news we showed you a video about our barge-in solution for Amazon Alexa voice assistant. That demo was based on our core technology, S2C, Simply Sounds Clear that can dramatically improve the user experience when talking to Alexa in noisy environments but also when making a SIP call. S2C integrates bdSound AEC engine and other processing blocks, including Noise ReductionDynamic Speech Processing. bdSound’s Acoustic Echo Cancellation engine is a true full-duplex, ultrawideband up to 48kHz, high quality, robust and reliable echo cancellation engine.

Big News!

We now decided to make the SIP Client demo (S2C+SIP) available for everyone interested in trying our technology, especially our super performant AEC core solution. This demo version can be downloaded from HERE, or by clicking the icon below.



You will then be redirected to our bdSound Support website. The demo runs on the ST32F746DISCOVERY evaluation kit (ST32F746 is the STMicroelectronics family of ARM Cortex M7 microprocessor) provided by STMicrolectronics, our official semiconductor partner.

A note: for an easier evaluation, the demo software is provided running on STM32F746NG processor mounted on the STMicroelectronics 32F746DISCOVERY evaluation kit.

Following the instructions you will be able to easily run our demo and test the potentialities of our technology in a normal SIP-based communication. A detailed user guide is also published here.

We provide:
  • The binary file to be uploaded on F746DISCOVERY using the integrated ST-Link on the Discovery Board
  • A virtual machine already configured with a standard SIP server and the phone extension. Expert users can easily add more extensions and configure, with their own parameters, the SIP server
  • The application bdCommander that is the GUI for S2C on STM32F7

Thanks to S2C+SIP it is possible to turn any application based on STM32F7 microprocessor in a complete wideband, echo and noise free VoIP endpoint based on SIP protocol with the following key features:

  • A compliant RFC3261 SIP client endpoint
  • SIP Presence
  • DTMF (SIP Info method)
  • Registration to SIP server
  • Integrated bdSound Speech Processing
  • Full duplex wideband Acoustic Echo Canceller (AEC)
  • Adaptive Noise Reduction
  • Equalizers
  • Dynamic Range Control
  • Speech Quality Enhancement Processor
  • Companion Graphical User Interface, web connected, to control of all S2C and SIP client parameters

If you need further information or support please don’t hesitate to contact us. bdSound will promptly address your needs.