Audio Processing

Products and IPs to acquire, reproduce and process audio signals

Do what you want with your audio signals, but take care of them.

No matter which audio application you have in mind; it is important to correctly manage, acquire, reproduce and process audio signals, with high quality products and IPs.

This is the recipe to create great audio products: bdSound has the right ingredients.

Let multiple clock domains work together with the best quality

Asynchronous Sample Rate Converter

Modern audio applications involve hundreds, even thousands of audio channels coming from different sources at different rates under different clock domains.

Managing several clock domains in the same product, with no loss in quality, is easy with bdSound’s Configurable (performance/channels/rates) Multichannel Asynchronous Sample Rate Converter (up to 146dB of Dynamic Range) and other specific technologies. 

IP for AES3/AES-EBU protocol integration within FPGA

AES3/AES-EBU procotol IP

The AES/EBU standard, or AES3, is a jointly developed standard by the Audio Engineering Society (AES) and the European Broadcast Union (EBU) that can carry two digital audio channels on coaxial or XLR cables .

bdSound has a specific IP to integrate multiple AES/EBU interfaces into a single FPGA; integration of AES3 with ASRC is straightforward and brings to manage several AES/EBU digital audio channels from different clock domains.

Hardware reference design, for both coaxial and XLR interface, is provided in bundle with documentation.

IP for AES10/MADI protocol integration within FPGA

AES10/MADI protocol IP

Multichannel Audio Digital Interface (MADI) or AES10 is an Audio Engineering Society (AES) standard electronic communications protocol that can carry several channels, up to 64, of digital audio signals on coaxial cables of optical fibers.

bdSound has a specific IP to integrate a MADI interface into a single FPGA, together with other IPs, to manage MADI protocol using only PHY ethernet interface.

Hardware reference design, for both electrical and optical interface, is provided in bundle with documentation.

A customizable library including different audio processing blocks

Audio Processing Library

A rich set of IPs for different target platforms, to process audio signals, including:

  • IIR Filters
  • Graphical Equalizers
  • Parametric Equalizers
  • Dynamic Range Controllers
  • Companders
  • Highly optimized FIR Filters
  • Hum Reduction filter
  • Noise Reduction

and many more. bdSound also provides complete development of custom IPs and their integration.

Supported Processors

ARM Cortex A family
ARM Cortex M family (M4 and M7)
ARM Cortex R family
Xilinx Zynq
Altera (Intel FPGA) SoC

Supported Operating Systems

Apple iOS
Microsoft Windows
Apple OSX
Bare Metal

Supported Platforms

Mobile (Android and iOS)

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