Products and IP to acquire, reproduce and process speech signals

IPs and Products for communication

Audio for Communications IPs and products to transmit speech signals over different media: from single pair of cheap wires, to ethernet cables for VoIP/SIP calls. A reliable USB Bidirectional Stereo Audio stack for STM32 microprocessors family completes the offer.

Integrate a full voice SIP client endpoint into a Cortex M with AEC, NR and speech processing

SIP Client on ARM Cortex M

bdSound has successfully integrated a full SIP client endpoint, including also its technology for Speech Quality Enhancement S2C, into a single ARM® Cortex® M4 or ARM® Cortex® M7 microprocessor. An example of application of this IPs is the MSA reference design.

  • Integrated RFC3261 compliant SIP client endpoint
  • Support DTMF, Broadcasting, SIP Presence and registration to SIP server
  • Easy to be integrated with S2C – Simply Sounds Clear technology
Integrate a complete SIP Client Endpoint into an ARM Cortex A or x86 processor

SIP Client on ARM Cortex A / x86

bdSound can provide a ready to use SIP endpoint client, also with the Speech Quality Enhancement technology S2C embedded, into any ARM® Cortex® A, including MSoC and MPSoC. Versions for x86/x64 processors are available too. Different options are available according to the target application, like intercom, video collaboration PC application, custom embedded communication modules and mobile applications for smartphones. An example of application of this IPs is the MSA+ reference design.

Compared with the SIP Client on ARM Cortex M, the version for ARM Cortex A and x86/x64 family is full-featured and oriented to an high-grade SIP application, from intercom to videocollaboration PC application, from embedded to mobile.

Currently we support the following operating systems: Microsoft Windows, Apple OSX, Linux, Android and Apple iOS.

A library to manage bidirection USB audio on a single STM32 processor

USB audio for STM32

A complete, low size, library to embed into any STM32F4 o STM32F7 processor, with USB port, a bidirectional audio USB protocol.

The USB audio library is a ready-to-use and field-proven solution to create USB audio devices with advanced audio and speech processing options, or just to capture and render audio; from intercom panels to sound card design; from professional audio to consumer audio application.

Digital audio and data for legacy intercom systems upgrade

Two wires digital bus

In many legacy intercom installations, wires were walled, leading to a big work and cost when you wanted to change intercom system.
bdSound 2WBD is a robust and reliable solution that can be used to carry audio and data on a single pair of wires, up to 500m, on a single bus, with digital audio quality. With support for wideband audio, broadcast mode for music and alert distribution, conference mode and up to four two-ways full-duplex concurrent calls, 2WBD is a flexible and easy to implement technology.
Finally, 2WBD is short circuit protected, can carry power supply and is polarity safe.

Supported Processors

ARM Cortex A family
ARM Cortex M family (M4 and M7)
ARM Cortex R family
Xilinx Zynq
Altera (Intel FPGA) SoC

Supported Operating Systems

Apple iOS
Microsoft Windows
Apple OSX
Bare Metal

Supported Platforms

Mobile (Android and iOS)

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