S2C, Simply Sounds Clear, is our suite of proprietary technology, which leverages BdSound’s audio expertise, to create the best voice-enabled products. Flexible. Complete. Robust.

Clear audio for clever applications

Whether you need to improve audio quality of human-to-human and human-to-machine communications, S2C is the right solution to accomplish it. With a rich set of technologies to manage echo, noise, audio artifacts and to improve speech recognition, S2C can fit several applications in car, at home, at work

A solution
for every architecture

Supporting several processors and operating systems, BdSound S2C is a flexible solution that can fit many applications, from Software for PC and Mac to embedded systems, from small ARM Cortex M based application to more complex systems based on ARM Cortex A or FPGA.


  • ARM Cortex M
  • ARM Cortex A
  • x86/x64

Operating Systems

  • Bare Metal
  • freeRTOS
  • Linux
  • Windows
  • OS-X, iOS
  • Android


Innovation at your fingertips

Acoustic Echo Canceller (AEC)

Full duplex Acoustic Echo Cancellation integrated with Noise Reduction and Speech Quality Enhancement, up to 48kHz of sample frequency.

Line Echo Canceller (LEC)

Light-weight, fast and reactive, full-duplex Line Echo Canceller for traditional communication equipment with 2-wires to 4-wires electrical interface.

Noise Reduction (NR)

Noise reduction removes unwanted noise from audio, without additional distortion, for a comfortable communication.


Multiple microphones arrays with selective beamforming, to improve audio quality in communications and in speech recognition.

Multichannel Barge-In

Interact naturally with voice assistant with the possibility to interrupt it or call it during music reproduction.

ASR Enhancer

Improve success rate of voice commands recognition with a dedicated processing, with less false activation and better understanding.

In-car Communication (ICC)

Safe and comforable communication in-car between front and rear passengers thanks to BdSound ICC solution.

Audio Quality Enhancement

A complete set of standard filters, DRC, AGC and other processing blocks, to fine tune audio quality and optimize loudspeakers’ and microphones’ performance.

SIP/VoIP Stack for Embedded Systems

Integrated SIP stack for VoIP communication also in a small ARM Cortex M, seamlessly integrated within S2C.

Asynchronous Sample Rate Converter

A scalable asynchronous sample rate converter, up to 145dB of Dynamic Range, with a special module to align drifting clocks, easy to be integrated in any design with multiple clock domains needing to be synchronized.