Deeply focused on you and your products

You got the idea. We help you to realize it, providing a complete design and product development support, from requirements definition to production ramp-up, through HW, SW and electroacoustic design.

Design with confidence

BdSound is your strategic partner to realize audio and voice-enabled products. No need to adapt your design: we will bring you a custom solution, based on our technology, experience and dedication. Thanks to our multidisciplinary expertise,  we can support you in HW /SW design, electroacoustic design, certifications and prototyping.


A bright story of
successful products

We helped several companies to realize their products. From the biggest international corporation to some brilliant startups, we created, together with them, innovative products based on our technology

Services details

Never left alone

Product specification

We support you to turn your idea into a feasible product, cooperating in writing specifications, defining design phases and planning the prototyping

Proprietary Speech-Processing Technology

BdSound owns its proprietary technology for speech and audio processing so we have a full control of it and we can customize, adapt and optimize it for the final product

Electroacoustic Design

With our experience and the right tool to design, simulate, 3D print, and measure, BdSound can provide a complete electroacoustic design support

Electronic Hardware Design

BdSound can design your custom PCB application relying on our experience in treating audio signals, their acquisition, routing, processing and transmission.

Custom Software Design

Beyond the audio processing, every application needs custom software to be written. We can provide custom software development for several applications

Prototyping and Evaluation

When it’s time to evaluate the design, prototyping phase will come. We can take care of the prototyping of PCB and electroacoustics subsystems

Support for Certifications

Thanks to our experience, the deep knowledge of our technology and the possibility to fine-tune it, we provide a strong and effective support during the certifications, both for automotive, consumer and industrial

Production Ramp-up

We can support you in optimizing the Bill of Material, defining of end-line testing, and taking care of all other important activities, to launch your product into production


ITU, Carplay and Alexa Auto at light speed

Thanks to the combination of a strong technology, the deep knowledge of it and a set of efficient tools to tune and test, BdSound shortens your certification time for ITU P1110, Apple Carplay and Amazon Auto compliance test, generally successfully passed with one-shot activity in one week. Less time, less lab costs

Electroacoustic design

Riding (Acoustic) Waves

We leverage on our assets and facilities, including a custom-made anechoic chamber, to accurately design the electroacoustics of our solutions and test it on the most various and harsh conditions.

Electronic design

Place, route and run

Design schematics and PCB for audio application might look trivial. Unfortunately, it is not. It requires a lot of experience and a deep knowledge of the audio environment. This is the reason why several customers decided to entrust us to design their product’s hardware, from specifications to prototyping, through schematics and layout design.

Testing Alexa Built-In Devices

Alexa AQT tests

To better support our customers, BdSound provides in- house equipment to perform tuning and pre-certification testing sessions based on Alexa Qualification Tool (AQT). A dedicated room is provided to fully comply with Amazon Alexa requirements.

BdSound Alexa AQT self-test lab