MSA+ Family

A turn-key solution with hardware, reference designs, SIP client and Speech Quality Enhancement software

SIP Video Intercom with Speech Processing

The MSA+ family of products and reference designs is the bdSound top-grade solution for any Audio/Video intercom application. Based on a single ARM® Cortex® A7, running Linux as operating system, is a complete hardware and software solution for an Intercom and Communication Device.

MSA+ has been designed with a modular approachstacking different boards it’s possible to create a custom solution with almost infinite possibilities and features. The MSA+ includes embedded web-gui and the proprietary audio and speech processing, together with echo canceller and noise reduction

MSA+ is a product and a reference design that sums up the proprietary audio and speech processing, a reliable and a “ready to be a product” hardware design, and other software features.

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Embedded S2C - Simply Sounds Clear technology

Echo Cancellation and Speech Processing

MSA+ embed S2C – Simply Sounds Clear technology, the proprietary Speech Quality Enhancer processing by bdSound, every-day used by millions of communication endpoints. It includes:

  • Full duplex, Wideband and Ultra Wideband Acoustic Echo Canceller
  • Smooth and distortion-less Adaptive Noise Reduction
  • Automatic Dynamic Range Control, to keep the speech levels always at the right value

S2C brings stunning audio quality in any communication application; MSA+ too.



Using multiple microphone to improve ASR performance, reject noise and reverberation

Multiple microphones

MSA+ can be used with both single microphone or multiple microphones to significantly improve performance in communication quality and Automatic Speech Recognition, like Siri and Amazon Alexa.

Multiple microphones and beamforming technology dinamically adapt the microphone array behaviour to the room’s acoustics, background noise, reverberation, to isolate the actual talker.

Set parameters, update firmware and control all the units.

Companion GUI

MSA+ is a very flexible architecture with lot of possible applications and configurations. MSA+ can be set, controlled and tuned remotely from a graphical user interface.

It is also possible to embed a webgui into MSA+ thanks to the embedded web server.


Thanks to the modular approach it is possible to add multiple estensions, interfaces, features. MSA+ is a perfect structure to create complex, full-featured and tailored communication applications.

MSA family is composed by:

  • MSA+/MB – the main unit, from which all the MSA+ system can be expanded
  • MSA+/PS1  a power supply board with POE support, RS485, Relay and other features 
  • MSA+/EB  a generic expansion board, describing all the connectivity possibility

All the products are customizable on requests.

The first brick to design a complete MSA+ based system


MSA+/MB is a full featured VoIP SIP intercom terminal, with several inputs and outputs. Based on a cheap ARM® Cortex® A7 processor, this product is compact, flexible, full-featured and with amazing audio quality, thanks to bdSound’s Speech Processing.

  • Based on ARM® Cortex® A7
  • Ingrated RFC3261 compliant SIP client endpoint
  • Integrated audio amplifier and line out for external amplifier
  • Dual MEMS microphone on board or external microphone input
  • Powered via POE or DC input
  • Integrated speech and audio processing, including Full duplex wideband Acoustic Echo Canceller, Noise Reduction and Audio Processing (EQ, filters, dynamic control, etc.)
  • Small size (55x55x21mm)
  • Support DTMF, Broadcasting, SIP Presence and registration to SIP server
  • Input, outputs, programmable relay and leds.
Infinite expansion possibilities thanks to the modular approach

Expansion board for MSA+

MSA+ has been designed with the expansion possibility in mind. A set of connectors helps to stack several boards on the same system, adding almost infinite possibilities.

Any MSA+/EB Expansion Board can be customized or designed according to customer’s requirements, adding all the peripherals required for the selected desired features.

The icon list here shows some of the possible features that can be added to the expansion board.

MSA+ reference designs and products are the fastest and most reliable way to design a voice SIP intercom unit

A true turn-key solution

MSA+ is provided as stand-alone product or as a reference design to reduce your product development time with a reliable and tangible solution. A complete offer including hardware design, firmware and software, GUI, integration and electroacoustic design support.

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