Prosumer Audio Solution

Reference designs, ready-to-use products and application examples for prosumer audio

A rich set of IPs and hardware expertize

bdSound has a complete offer to the professional and consumer audio application area. With its strong experience in hardware design and a rich set to IPs and Products, design a prosumer audio application, a video collaboration system or a pro-audio multichannel matrix, can be completed in a very short time, with no risks.

Reference hardware with I/O and Processing Blocks

Audio Reference Platform

The Audio Reference Platform is a full featured reference design that, exploiting almost all the used analog and digital audio peripherals, a powerful mixed programmable logic and multiple core processor ARM® Cortex® A9, helps to design a prosumer audio product.

Including a rich set of IPs and Products to acquire, reproduce, deliver and process audio and speech signals, the Audio Reference Platform is a powerful tool to start with the design, to test bdSound’s IPs and to develop new and customized ones.

Analog Audio

  • 2x Analog XLR inputs 
  • 2x Microphone inputs with bias
  • 2x Stereo Line inputs
  • 2x Analog XLR outputs
  • 2x Stereo Line outputs
  • 2x Stereo Amplified outputs

Digital Audio

  • 2x AES3 Inputs
  • 2x AES3  Outputs
  • 1x AES10 I/O Coaxial
  • 1x AES10 I/O Optical
  • 1x Bidirectional USB Audio
  • 1x Expansion Connector for MEMS Microphone array (PDM and/or I2S)
  • 1x Ethernet port for VoIP
  • Wordclock Coaxial I/O

Expansion Connector

  • Audinate® DANTE
  • AVB
  • Phone Interface
  • TDM Audio Bus with metadata
  • Other AoIP protocols

MPU and IPs

  • Programmable Logic
  • Dual-core ARM® Cortex® A9
  • Routing and Mixing
  • Filters (IIR/FIR) and Equalizers,
  • Dynamic Process, Compander,
  • Phase Inversion, Gating
  • AES3 protocol
  • AES10 protocol
  • Async. SRC
  • SIP Client
  • Acoustic Echo Canceller
  • Noise Reduction
  • Beamforming

The Audio Reference Platform together with its bundle of Technologies, IPs and Products is a reference design that helps our customers to develop their application with confidence and in a while.

A complete set of IPs and Products for any prosumer audio application

Prosumer Audio Suite

The Prosumer Audio Suite is a complete solution to quickly develop audio applications for several platforms. It is fully customizable and is built upon field-proven IPs and Products from bdSound.

A set of technologies ready to be integrated to create a custom product. It includes several connectivity interfaces, Audio Processing blocks and Speech Processing dedicated tools. Together with the hardware Audio Reference Platform, developing a professional audio or consumer audio product is fast, safe and easy.

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bdSound has developed with its customers several winning pro-audio and consumer applications

A long story of successes

As a strategic partner for several companies in the professional and consumer audio market, bdSound has a long story of successuful products and applications.

We have helped companies to quickly develop complex audio products, with hundreds of audio channels, several interfaces, protocols and standards and embedding the best technologies for audio management.

Our offer is complete: from product specifications to hardware design; from proprietary IPs integration to developing of custom firmware and software

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