Few weeks ago bdSound was at Sensors Expo 2018 in San Jose’, in the heart of Silicon Valley. We were hosted by STMicroelectronics, our official semiconductor partner, in their beautiful booth.

The interest was high, the exhibit floor was really crowded. Many companies were excited about our demo showing how complex and high-quality algorithms can run on low power and relatively low-perfomance platform like an STM32. With just 2 STM microphones we showed how our system successfully cancels a source of noise while interacting with Alexa (a high-quality beamforming technique is implemented) and how it performs well when you want to talk to Alexa while for example some music is played in the background (barge-in).

A strong AEC (our S2C Echo canceller) is also present.

You can watch our demo and see how it works if you couldn’t stop by in person at the Expo.

What we presented was a bdSound reference design named bdDim. As hot word we used “Alexa” and we connected to Alexa web services but we are voice-assistant agnostic, you can easily port the whole system to another voice assistant platform.

Please contact us if you need more information.