Vimar is a leading Italian company in the home automation market with a presence worldwide. Founded in 1945, it is registered by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development as a Historic Brand of National Interest, reserved for companies historically linked to the territory. With special attention to environmental sustainability, Vimar puts a lot of effort into creating products with the three key characteristics of being aesthetically beautiful, technologically innovative, and simple to be installed.

Alexa in the wall

Vimar’s main goal was to realize a flush mounting vocal control with integrated Wi-Fi, based on Amazon Alexa technology, compact, with high-quality standards, and low power consumption. Vimar’s flush mounting vocal control device is an innovative approach to integrating Alexa in the domotic system, with an elegant design and minimal protrusion.

Making an Alexa built-in product is not easy. Amazon, indeed, requires every Alexa built-in product to pass a certification that guarantees that the device could run well even in harsh noisy conditions and when users are far from the device.

Success requires an effective solution and a great customer relationship

Vimar needed a partner able to match its high quality of standards and with competencies in several fields, like electronics, acoustics, mechanics, SW, HW, audio, etc.

It chose BdSound thanks to its wide range of cutting-edge proprietary solutions in the voice recognition field and its long experience in assisting customers in realizing complex systems with time and cost constraints. Key was also that BdSound is an Amazon Alexa Certified Service Provider (CPS). It was a very fruitful collaboration that as an outcome brought to the market one of the first commercial devices using the latest lightweight version of Alexa. This version, combined with  BdSound’s optimized technology, allows companies to build Alexa built-in products even with low power-consumption CPUs and small microphone arrays, while still complying with Amazon’s requirements. This solution also helped to achieve the goal of realizing a very compact product design.

BdSound solved many problems

BdSound provided its Audio-Processing and Acoustic Front-end technologies to guarantee a crystal clear audio signal, and assisted Vimar with its extensive expertise in mechanical design for the acoustics and electroacoustics of the object. Being also a certified Amazon Alexa Consulting and Professional Services (CPS), BdSound offered the possibility to conduct the pre-certification Alexa Quality Test (AQT) in its on-site acoustic facilities, such as the ETSI room with controlled reverberation.

The Vimar prototype in a room with carpet floor, acoustic panels on the walls and several loudspakers during a test session

The prototype in ETSI room during AQT tests

BdSound is more a partner than a provider during the exploitation of complex projects. It is present throughout the whole project, from the brainstorming phase to the prototyping and final release of the product. It leverages its outstanding team of engineers, goal-oriented and with great attention to detail.


It was a huge challenge to work on such an ambitious project that involved several different components, from voice processing to embedded integration and cloud services, while complying to the computational and space requirements.

This is the kind of project that demonstrates our ability to adapt to a complete new scenario exploiting our know-how.

Andrea Albano, Head of Engineering at BdSound

A happy ending: flush mounting voice control device by Vimar

Thanks to the collaboration between Bdsound and Vimar a product like the flush mounting vocal control was born. This new Alexa built-in wall voice control device (with integrated Wi-Fi) has just hit the market and has already gained a large consensus among consumers. It’s nice to see when the finest design marries the most innovative technology and two Italian companies happily create together a beautiful product.


About BdSound

BdSound is a leading provider in the audio technology field offering customized services and proprietary solutions. Our world-class engineering team can walk you through all the phases of your product realization: scenario analysis; requirements’ definition; mechanical, acoustics, hardware and software design; prototyping. Working side by side with your internal teams, we can help you solve problems in every single step reaching the best results. Our team of researchers can also step in for any kind of new acoustic challenge.

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