We won't stop

With the outbreak of the Coronavirus affecting our countries, including our own – Italy, we are living in hard times. During this time we will continue to operate, while keeping our people safe: learn how we do it.

Work at home

BdSound is a modern company with a full set of available tools which let our employees to work from everywhere, while keeping always in connection. Yes, we will mostly work from home during these weeks, but you won’t notice it (and you can still call us at phone).

How we do it

Working from everywhere

Safety and security first

Everything is being done to ensure the safety of our employees and the security of data kept at maximum level. Because business is important but people more.

Everything is everywhere

While maintaining a high level of security for sensitive information, we can access our data from everywhere, in accordance with our strict security policy.


We are always in touch thank to an extensive set of collaboration tools; we will work as though face-to-face, in the same place.

Connected labs

For long testing sessions that need to be supervised only, our engineers can remotely connected to our labs to check that everything is going in the right way.

Planned accesses

We are able to let our engineers to safely access to our facilities, including the labs, with a strict access policy. Hence, if something can be done only in our labs, it can be done with the highest safety level.