Automotive solutions

Setting the reference for speech quality in cars with best-in-class ECNR integrated solution

Complete ECNR solution

Field-proven and robust, 32kHz wideband echo canceller and noise reduction: it removes echo and noise without artifacts and exhibits superior quality.

Dual microphones support

Dual microphones support for different microphones configurations, from single microphone to dual microphones with adaptive array beamforming for a better speech capture.

Full-featured GUI

A graphical user interface is provided with bdSound ECNR solution to speed up the certifications’ processes. Designed in order to help engineers to tune the in-vehicle acoustics and processing blocks in real-time.

Awesome Support

An extensive support, from first design to certification’s process. bdSound’s solution will adapt to your needs, and not vice-versa.

More features

ALSA plugin with ECNR

The easiest way to integrate ENCR into any application: bdSound ECNR is a simple ALSA plugin that can be connected to any ALSA device, with no coding effort.

Successfully integrated with Apple Carplay™ and Android™ Auto. 

bdSound ECNR has been successfully integrated and certified with Apple Carplay™ and Android™ Auto on several car models.

Strong continuos support

We provide strong support during all design, development and certification phases, through constant contact with your team.

Ready for multiple processors and operating systems

Ready for ARM Cortex A (ARMv7-A and ARMv8-A) architectures and portable to other processor architectures with ease.

Stunning full-duplex quality

Natural and comfortable communication with bdSound ECNR, reaching full duplex level of class 1 in noisy super-sport cars. Is there anything better?

Advanced clock skew and drift compensation technology

A unique solution to manage audio devices in different operating system, with tight control of clock skew, for a stable and reliable quality.

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