Clear voice quality in motion

BdSounds technology is leading the path towards seamless communication for all vehicles.

Simply Sounds Clear™

ECNR, Microphone Bubbles, AI-Noise Reduction, Audio Quality Enhancement, In-Car Communication

With its advanced technology, Simply Sounds Clearenhances the voice experience in both current and next-generation car models. It offers a highly flexible range of microphone placement options, enhancing convenience and adaptability.

Clear to everyone and everything

Human to Human

  • Natural hands-free calls 
  • Enables a face-to-face conversation experience
  • Filters out noise and unwanted voices
  • Compatibility: ITU-T P.1100, P.1110, P.1120 (Narrow, Wide, Super Wide, Full band)
  • Certified for Apple CarPlay and Enhanced Siri

Human to Machine

  • Improves Voice Assistant interaction in any condition 
  • User’s seat spotting 
  • Multiple interactions simultaneously 
  • Works with local, cloud or hybrid Voice Assistants and Wake-Up-Word spotting 
  • Improves multiple voice assistants experience

Microphone Bubbles

Creating a virtual microphone bubble around each passenger, improve hands-free calls and voice assistant interaction experience

Microphone Bubbles for Human to Human

  • Enhance communication comfort
  • Easily join calls with a toggle of the bubble
  • Block out external noises and voices from outside the active bubbles
  • Ensure private conversations
  • Customize settings to your preferences

Microphone Bubbles for Human to Machine

  • Improve Word Error Rate up to 54% in the most challenging scenarios
  • Allow multiple interactions simultaneously 
  • Personalize experiences for each passenger
  • Manage multiple Voice Assistant engines with dedicated arbitration module

AI Noise Reduction

A highly advanced AI solution created specifically for the toughest engine sounds, aimed at removing any noise from road and wind

  • Exceptional at capturing engine resonances, wind noise, road disturbances, and other sounds
  • Preserves natural sound of voices without distortion
  • Achieves high 3QUEST score even at very low SNR
  • Outstanding performance from everyday to super sport cars
  • Fine-tune noise reduction levels as needed

Accelerating car with engine noise : toggle the switch to on/off AI Noise Reduction

Car with high speed fan noise demo: toggle the switch to on/off the AI Noise Reduction

ICC - In Car Communication

Safe and comfortable communications between driver and passengers, with negligible delay and loud levels, also in small cars.

  • Multi-way hands-free communication solution
  • Optimal stability even with loud volumes
  • Low latency for a smooth experience
  • Full Bandwidth (up to 48kHz of sample frequency)
  • Prevents Larsen and Echos
  • Supports two and three seat-rows configurations

Engineered for High Performance

Simply Sounds Clear™ is a rich set of technologies and algorithms, carefully designed and harmonized to provide car passengers with the best voice experience ever

  • Acoustic Echo Canceller: fusion of DSP and AI to eliminate acoustic echos
  • Adaptive Beamforming: enhances audio capture by focusing on a specific speaker
  • Adaptive Voice Control: enhances voice clarity in real-time based on acoustic environment conditions
  • Audio Quality Enhancement: set of traditional audio processing to give color to voice
  • Direction of Arrival: sharp and real-time estimate of speech sources in space
  • In-car Communication: in-car communication improves safety and comfort in communication between different seat rows
  • Microphone Bubbles: isolates each passenger’s voice from any disturbance
  • Multichannel Barge-in: to interrupt voice assistant’s multichannel audio reproduction
  • Noise Reduction: removes any kind of noise without affecting speech clarity
  • WuW Detection Enhancement: improves accuracy in detecting voice assistant’s Wake-up-Word (WuW)

Navigating the way with excellent Support

Design and Customization

Tailoring a design specifically for the sound profile of your next-generation car. Delivering an exceptional passenger experience.

  • Voice User Experience design
  • Mech-acoustic simulations
  • Microphone selection, placement and design
  • Simply Sounds Clear™ customization
  • Key Performance Indicators definition
  • Audio Quality Assessment

Integration support

Our integration support guides your every step along the way to full functionality. To be independent on the process we provide our BdController tuning tool and training on how to use it. Our engineering team is always ready to support you at any location.

Supported Platforms: ARM Cortex A, ADI Sharc, Cadence HiFi, Qualcomm Hexagon and others on request.

Supported OS: Linux, Android and others on request.

Test and Certification

  • In-house Automotive Lab equipped with Acqua System
  • Release of ITU-T P.1100, P.1110, P.1120 certifications
  • Enhanced Siri Compliance

Silencing the competition

We challenged the noisy environment of super sports cars and won the race to equip the first-ever cars with Amazon Alexa and Apple CarPlay

2014 – Apple CarPlay on Ferrari FF

2020: Alexa Auto on Lamborghini Huracan Evo

The field-proven solution

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