Face to Face
in any situation

With our extensive expertise in video collaboration and in-house developed speech technology, we provide a true face-to-face experience.

Technology, Consulting and Support

Speech Technology

Leveraging from our extensive knowledge as being one of the first service provider in the field, we developed a wide array of AI-powered technologies that process voice signals, enhance their quality and enable the activation of advanced functionalities. 

Consulting and Support

At BdSound, our team is a blend of hardware, software, acoustics, algorithms, and testing & certification experts. We are here to consult in crafting new communication equipment, ensuring a seamless journey to success, for the most innovative devices.

Our Offer

We specialize in delivering customized technology and expertise to meet all individual requirements. Our capabilities span from crafting solutions for personal devices in small rooms to equipment for wide video collaboration environments.

Over 20% of video collaboration devices sold in 2022 leverage

BdSound’s expertise and technology

Simply Sounds Clear™

Our proprietary speech quality enhancement solution includes a set of algorithms and features to reach optimal audio quality for your video collaboration device:

  • Acoustic Echo Canceller
  • Audio Zoom
  • AI-based Noise Reduction
  • Acoustic Fences
  • Adaptive Beamforming
  • Direction of Arrival
  • Dereverberator
  • Audio Quality Enhancement
  • Adaptive Voice Control
Isolating the user’s voice from the acoustic surroundings
Supporting the design of soundbars, microphone pods, and any other video collaboration device
Making open workspaces appear as confidential and quiet environments during online meetings
Removing any kind of disturbance, from coughing and HVAC to neighbouring voices and background babble.

Audio Zooming

Virtually moving the microphone closer to the talker

Disturbance Removal

Canceling any noise, reverb and other spurious audio content

Premium Double-Talk

Crystal-clear and undisturbed simultaneous speaking

Unique Voice Color Design

Personalizing and adding an unique sound color to the voice

Focus on Talkers

Isolating and highlighting each talker’s voice

Echo Cancellation

Absolute echo removal. Completely. In any situation. 

Intelligibility Improvement

Adapting playback audio to room noise conditions

Camera Steering

Ensuring the camera always focuses on the correct talker

Audio Samples

Dereverberation. Enhancing clarity and drying voices, our solution significantly improves intelligibility. Its effectiveness is proven from home offices to conference rooms.

AI Noise Reduction. Eliminating all unwelcome noises from the surroundings, including coughing, keyboard typing, notifications and babble noises, creating a more pleasant acoustic environment.

Design with Confidence

Partnering with BdSound to develop or enhance your device ensures access to a team of specialists in all aspects of video collaboration audio: from defining specifications to testing and certification

Development Journey

Algorithms Customization

Our Innovation team will serve as your research department to create custom technologies or personalize Simply Sounds Clear™ to your use case.

Electroacoustic Design

We will assist you with the thoughtful selection of microphones and speakers, the strategic design of enclosures, and the exact determination of placement and mounting solutions.

Electronic Design

BdSound will support you from the early stages of architectural definition and technical specifications. Our extensive experience in crafting intricate devices and PCBs, will ensure the seamless integration of diverse technologies to your final device.

Software Design

We’ll manage all facets of software design, starting from operating systems and drivers to complete debugging of the embedded application. Resulting in a reliable and seamlessly functioning device.

Project Management

A continuous and timely monitoring of the project, will be coupled with the management of relationships with any third-party providers. Our proven management processes will assure an efficient development of your device.

Quality and Certification

Our state-of-the-art audio laboratory, housed internally, will play a pivotal role in speeding up the quality and certification timeline. Streamlined operations facilitate oversight across every stage of testing and validation.

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