Milan (Italy), June 20th, 2024

BdSound and NXP Announce Partnership on the Automotive Audio Market

BdSound® and NXP Semiconductors® join forces to combine BdSound’s audio technology with NXP’s latest automotive audio DSP SAF9100. This alliance aims to provide cutting- edge voice technology through NXP’s advanced infotainment platforms, facilitating the integration and innovation of voice user experience in next-generation vehicles.

BdSound, known for its innovative voice solutions, counts many collaborations with OEMs, Tier-1s and partners in the automotive sector, with a deep expertise on sports cars performance. The company is dedicated to enhancing in-vehicle voice experiences by offering customized solutions that merge its proprietary Simply Sounds ClearTM technology with premium support throughout the product development lifecycle, from initial design to testing and certification.

NXP is the trusted partner for innovative solutions in the automotive, industrial & IoT, mobile, and communications infrastructure markets.

The partnership kicks off with the integration of BdSound’s Simply Sounds Clear voice technology into NXP’s new SAF9100. This will offer OEMs and Tier-1s direct access to innovative voice technologies with a smoother development process and faster market entry.


Antonio Grosso, CEO of BdSound, emphasized the importance of the partnership, stating, “Joining forces with NXP is a pivotal achievement in our mission to deliver innovative voice solutions for the next-generation vehicles. The integration of our Simply Sounds Clear technology in NXP’s SAF9100 will provide advanced AI voice technologies through a solution that is both optimized and straightforward to integrate”

This partnership debuts at the 5th International Conference on Automotive Audio organized by the Audio Engineering Society from June 26th to 28th, 2024, in Gothenburg, Sweden. As sponsors of the conference, BdSound and NXP will offer an exclusive preview of the SAF9100 capabilities, enriched with BdSound’s technology, at the NXP booth. Additionally, BdSound will provide a sneak peek into the future of in-vehicle voice technologies at its booth, allowing attendees to experience the evolution of voice calls in cars.


“With the introduction of the SAF9100 audio DSP product family we are entering a new era of automotive audio technologies. Our customers will benefit from twice the processing performance compared to previous generations. In addition, by adding neural network acceleration support this will allow our customers to explore various audio AI/ML based applications. The collaboration with BdSound helps us make next generation audio applications become reality.“ says John van den Braak, Senior Vice President and General Manager for Audio Systems at NXP.

As the automotive industry moves at a faster pace, this collaboration is set to deliver unmatched audio experiences that are seamlessly integrated and readily available. With the upcoming Automotive Audio conference, both companies are eager to unveil their joint solutions, inviting industry professionals to explore the next frontier in automotive audio technology.

About BdSound
BdSound, headquartered in Assago, Italy, and bolstered by a subsidiary office in Shanghai, China, is a leading provider in the audio and voice technology field offering scenario and architectural analysis, technical support, proprietary technology, and experience since 2009. Its mission is to enhance communication and voice interaction at home, at work and in the car. Simply Sounds Clear is its suite of proprietary technology and the core of its offer that helps customers create the best voice-enabled products. BdSound is trusted by several companies that believe in top-quality Human-to-Human and Human-to-Machine communication. BdSound continues to invest in research and innovation to maintain its edge in providing better products to customers.

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